Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lake Isabella Submits Grant Applications

Today the Village of Lake Isabella submitted two grant applications totaling $184,391.  The first application was submitted this morning to the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe for consideration in the spring round of semiannual 2% awards.  This application was for $167,841 for improvements to the Lake Isabella Dam and improvements to the Chippewa River between the dam and Tribal waters.  This application was submitted with the mutual support of the Lake Isabella Property Owners Association.

If funded, this project would include the following:

  • $21,975 for miscellaneous repairs to the dam.
  • $27,500 for heavy riprap channel armorment immediately downstream from the spillway.
  • $39,000 for a new sediment trap between the dam and Tribal waters.
  • $34,450 for 2 permanent monitoring stations between the dam and Tribal waters.
  • $44,916 for project mobilization and engineering.

In addition to this application, this afternoon the Village submitted a grant application to the Central Michigan District Health Department (CMDHD) for $16,550 to fund the creation of a master plan for pedestrian and biking pathways in the community.  The Village's proposal would be to use a series of design charrettes for community members to work with professional planning staff to create a rough proposal of where and what should go into making a pathway network in the community.  Once that initial design period is completed, the proposal would enter into an online refinement process.  Using a special website, the rough draft of the plan would be further vetted and improved be all interested members of the community.  

Copies of both applications can be viewed at the Village Hall, and will be included as an attachment to the Village Manager's monthly report in the next meeting packet for the Village Council.