Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fire Protection Special Assessment Hearing

Our residents that own property in Broomfield Township should be receiving a notice in the mail today for next week's public hearing for the renewal of the special assessment district which provides fire/rescue services in that portion of the Village.

This is the annual renewal of the special assessment district, and is not a new assessment or tax.  This special assessment district has been in place since around 2000, and was created at the request of Village residents living in Broomfield Township.  Broomfield Township provides fire protection coverage via the Wheatland F.D. located in Remus.  Whereas our residents that also reside in Sherman Township are serviced by the Nottawa-Sherman F.D. located in Weidman. 

Residents of both Sherman and Nottawa townships pay an additional 1 Mill for fire protection services via voter approved ballot proposals.  Our residents are able to have this coverage extended to them by paying the same Millage rate as those residents.  The only difference being that the Village acts as the collection agent and not Sherman Township.

The public hearing for the renewal is planned for next Tuesday as part of the April Village Council meeting beginning at 7 PM.