Monday, September 27, 2010

Blood Drive this Wednesday

This Wednesday at the Village Hall there will be Red Cross blood drive. Earlier this year the Lake Isabella and Shepherd entered into a friendly little wager to see which community could host a blood drive with the most blood donated. Shepherd held their blood drive in August, and now it is our turn.

If you are able, please come out on Wednesday between noon and 6 PM. Refershments will be provided.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Yard Waste Bags for Sale

In case you missed our last newsletter, the Village has begun accepting bagged yard waste & leaves at our new property on Coldwater Road. Bags must be purchased from the Village Hall, and are sold in bundles of 5 bags. A single bundle will cost $5, and 5 bundles will cost $20.

Bags can be brought back to our property on Coldwater Road for disposal. In addition to bagged yard waste, we are also accepting truck loads of brush for $5.

In our first month of operation we've seen about 10 loads of brush come in and sold about 10 bundles of bags.

Next year we hope to expand the program to include scheduled pick-up days.