Thursday, July 15, 2010

7-13 Planning Commission Meeting Recap

At Tuesday's Planning Commission the Planning Commission dealt with two ordinances. The first makes technical changes to the Zoning Board of Appeals section of the zoning code. In summary the changes clarify the review and application process, set standards for review, defines conflict of interest, and sets grounds by which a variance may be voided. It also places a 1 year time frame from the date of granting by which work approved by a variance needs to be complete. A copy of this ordinance, which has been recommended to the Village Council can be found by clicking here.

The ordinance for Tuesday's meeting is an update of the home occupation and home business regulations in the zoning code. The ordinance also establishes regulations pertaining to medical marijuana operations in the Village. This ordinance was introduced and a public hearing set for August 2nd. To view a copy of the ordinace, please click here.