Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Village Council Meeting Recap

At the February Village Council meeting two main items of business were considered. The first was the second of the four required resolutions to renew the special assessment to provide fire and rescue services to Broomfield Township residents living at Lake Isabella. After holding a public hearing during the meeting, the Council approved the resolution to continue the special assessment renewal process.

This special assessment has been in place since 2000, and covers the properties in Lake Isabella that are in Broomfield Township. There are two more resolutions that are part of this annual renewal, and one more public hearing yet to be scheduled.

Also on the docket this month was the consideration of a proposal to conduct a feasibility study for decentralized wastewater systems in southern Lake Isabella. This study covers the following items:

- Researching the various technologies in this field, and which ones would be best suited for Lake Isabella.
- If the soils and technologies are suitable for these systems.
- If conditions are favorable, a concept design of the decentralized systems.

In addition to the wastewater research for southern Lake Isabella, this study also will include a review of cost of expanding the water system owned by Isabella County into Lake Isabella North. In order to amend the restrictions which limit the number of on-site septic systems and wells, one of the requirements is to provide a safe drinking water source. Presently Lake Isabella North is serviced by individual wells, this study will examine if suitable soil conditions exist to allow wells to be utilized plat-wide, or if the water system will need to be acquired and expanded.

This report is due back to the Village Council in July of this year. In addition to this report, the Village will be requesting qualifications from other professional firms in March to conduct an independent review of this report. This is being done to ensure that whatever the final proposal is for dealing with wastewater, it will be environmentally safe, and economically feasible should the property owners support moving forward.

A couple of quick Planning Commission notes. Due to several members being out of town, there will NOT be a meeting in March. Also, applications are currently being accepted to fill a vacancy on the Commission. An application can be printed off from our homepage.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Fire Coverage Special Assessment FAQ

Our office has fielded a few questions regarding the public hearing on Tuesday, February 17th for the renewal of the Broomfield Township Special Assessment Fire District. In summary, here are a few of the questions we've seen so far...

Q. Why in this economic times are you proposing a new Assessment?

A. We are not... this is a renewal of the existing 1 Mill Assessment that has been levied since 2000.

Q. Why do only village residents in Broomfield Township have to pay the Assessment?

A. Village residents in Sherman Township pay an additional 1 Mill for fire protection services via a voter approved ballot issue.

Q. What if the district is not renewed?

A. Fire protection for Broomfield Township is provided by the Wheatland Department, located in Remus. As such, without the district in Lake Isabella service will revert back to the township.

Q. What benefits does the fire district provide to us?

A. Most importantly, decreased response time for emergency runs. As another vital benefit in these economic times, by being serviced by a higher rated and more local department home owner insurance costs are lower.

Q. Why is the Village holding a public hearing this year?

A. The district needs to be renewed and the village is required to hold a public hearing prior to proceeding. This process will be followed each year as the district is renewed.