Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lost Dog Update

Our code enforcement department today found a lost dog and took it the Isabella County Animal Shelter. Here is a picture...

Lake Isabella Facebook Group

As part of our effort to become a community which embraces Web 2.0 technology, the Village has created a group of Facebook for residents to interact.

Facebook is a social networking site where users can post pictures, join groups, add much more. The free site, which has over 140 million users, has quickly become one of the webs top sites from its humble beginnings as a network for Harvard students. To access the group, you'll need a Facebook account, and then just join the group at the following link:


The intent of the group is simply to have an on-line forum for residents to interact, share pictures, and have an easy means of contact with other members of the community. For example, this past summer a resident suggested that the Village organize some means to have residents interact to car pool. With gas prices over four dollars per gallon at the time, it was a great idea. With the group on Facebook, we hope that when great ideas like this come up, residents will be able to fully capitalize on them via on-line interaction.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh the Weather Outside...

With the 9.5 inches of snow that came today, we have seen over 41 inches of snow so far this winter... Oh wait, winter actually doesn't even start until Sunday, yikes! And guess what? The following line is directly from the National Weather Service regarding our current weather pattern; "...ONE STORM COMING TO AN END WHILE ANOTHER IS ON THE WAY..."

In fact, the Grand Rapids office of the NWS has this on tap for the season change on Sunday:


It goes without saying that if this weather pattern holds from the balance of the coming winter season, we will see a winter like none in recent memory. The Village has snow records for nearly the last quarter century at Lake Isabella. Over this period, the average snow season brings us about 71 inches of the white powder. The records are 106.2 inches in 2004-2005 and 38.5 inches in 1986-1987.

With the storm coming this Sunday, we likely will be at the half-way point for our entire snow accumulation of last winter of 96.4 inches. Over the past five snow seasons, the Village received an average 99.5 inches of snow. Prior to the past five seasons, the most snow recorded during the previous 20 year span was 82.5 inches.

At this pace, with three solid months of winter ahead your guess is as good as ours on what the end number might be. With nearly three and one-half feet of snow so far, maybe this snow season we'll be counting in feet, not inches.

Another Successful Year!!

On behalf of the Village of Lake Isabella, Lake Isabella Property Owner’s Association, and United Way we would like to thank you for your generous gifts to the Adopt a Family Program. Your commitment to helping the Adopt a Family Program in our community is sincerely appreciated.

The commitment and support was overwhelming and allowed us to raise approximately $1,300 dollars this year! Your contributions allowed us to adopt two families, with a combined total of nine people, this year. Each year Village of Lake Isabella, Lake Isabella Property Owner’s Association, and United Way continues to enhance its mission of helping families in need for the holiday’s. Through the Adopt a Family Program we have seen many lives changed for the better.

The goal of the Village of Lake Isabella and Lake Isabella Property Owner’s Association is to continue to make a difference in the United Way’s Adopt a Family Program. With the sole help of donations from supporters such as you, we will continue to see improvements. Some of the highlighted gifts we were able to purchase this year included: bikes for all of the children, a Dora Kitchen, a Barbie house, a Seal-a-Meal, and a years worth of clothing for an infant, plus outfits, coats, hats, gloves and other necessities. For a complete list of purchases please contact either the Village office at 989-644-8654 or the LIPOA at 989-644-3326.

The following are a list of much appreciated donors for the 2008 Adopt a Family Program:

George and Barbara Dunn
Dave and Kathleen Ochander
Roger and Jill Kerr
Don Clynick
Marie and Thomas Kelly
Ed Nurski
Arnie and Jan Griffin
Danny and Linda Tinker
Marylyn Krueger
Georgia Warner
John and Vicki Boyd
Elmer and Joan Ledbetter
Casey and Jennifer Rau
Elizabeth Miller & Bruce LaPointe
Larry and Sue Hiither
Harry and Marge Kuhn
Dave and Denise Torgerson
John & Judy Parrot
Tim and Erika Wolff
Kent and Jessica Manley
Andy and Casey Brockdorf
Charlie and Jane Kiel
Bob and Ardith Gloden
John and Janice Terry
Warren and Nancy Spragg
Richard and Brenda Donley
Dan and Janet Grisdale
Steve and Jodi Clark
Max and Joanne Pinkney
Bob and Ann Laraway
Out of Bounds Pizza
Bella Salon
Your Gourmet Bakery

We wish to thank you again for your continued support and commitment, and hope we can continue to count on you in the future. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Adopt a Family Program or how your fundraising donations help us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Thanks again!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lake Isabella Adopts Rental House Licensing Program

Beginning in January 2009, all rental houses in the Village of Lake Isabella must be inspected and licensed. For several years residents have requested the Village adopt a program to inspect and license rental homes in the community. This demand caused the Village Council to look at enacting the program in 2005. At that time the Village elected to table the request as we lacked the necessary resources to properly administer the program. With the move to the new office in 2007, the Village Council was requested by the residents to review the matter again. With new facilities, the staff and Council felt the time was right to implement this program.

The Village of Lake Isabella adopted the rental house licensing program to reduce blight and ensure that livable conditions exist in rental properties through inspections that will identify and correct code violations. The basis for the Lake Isabella inspections is the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code. The adopted ordinance requires that all rentals, even seasonal or short-term, be inspected and licensed by the Code Enforcement Department. Each residential property being rented, leased, or sub-leased is required to obtain an annual license from the Village of Lake Isabella. The license shall first be applied for with an application fee of $37.50. The application shall provide times when the property may be inspected by a Village Inspection Officer, and a measured floor plan for the rental dwelling. Upon receipt of the fee and application an Inspection Officer of the Village shall arrange a time for inspection with the owner or agent of property for inspection of the following criteria.

Along with the application, a pre-inspection checklist is included for the convenience of the rental owner. This allows owners and their agents to clearly know what the minimum standards are for which the Village will be inspecting.

This program has many goals and benefits. Some of these goals are promoting safe rental housing, maintaining and increasing property values, and preserving the neighborhoods the comprise Lake Isabella. More goals and benefits along with other vital information including the Rental House License Application, the pre-Inspection Checklist, an Informational Pamphlet, a Sample License, and the full Adopted Rental Housing Code can be found on our webpage at http://www.lakeisabellami.org/CodeEnforcement-rentalhousing.htm

If you are currently renting or will be renting a home please complete and return the application before January 31, 2009. If you have any other questions on this matter please do not hesitate to call the staff at the village office at 989-644-8654.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Natural Gas Update

Work continues in the snow on the natural gas project. Crews this week are working on main installation on the local street section of Queens Way and pressurizing the next section of main to get gas. This section from the intersection of Queens Way and El Camino Grande to Bundy Drive, is still shown on the map below in blue as has not been "gassed." The Map below shows in green what areas have been fully installed with gas, and what areas only have the main installed in blue.

Crews are also continuing to install service lines along the mains in Isabella North. Several homes along El Camino Grande and Isabella Vista have already been serviced.

DTE did let our office know that they are drafting a letter to update residents on the progress and reassure they are working through the weather to complete the project.

Recycling Update

Looking to drop off your used household batteries? You can do that simply by stopping by the Village Hall. The container above is a new addition to the office just for that. Household battery recycling is offered free of charge in Isabella County. Batteries can be dropped off at the MRF in Mount Pleasant, or now at your local Village Hall in the container that looks a little like a Duracell battery (we tried).

Please take notice that the second pick-up this month for curbside recycling will be a day early. We will be collecting on Monday (12/22) and Tuesday (12/23) not Wednesday (which happens to be Christmas Eve.)