Friday, September 19, 2008

Walkers & Bikers Need Apply!

This past week the Planning Commission formed a special sub-committee to work together with the LIPOA to generate a Master Plan for walking/biking paths in the community. Of the 7 members on the committee, 2 will be from the Planning Commission, 2 from the LIPOA, and 3 from the community at large.

If this sounds like a project you would be interested in being a part of, please contact the Village Hall.

The goal of the committee would be to develop and identify the best areas in the community to build such a trail. Increasing the walkability of Lake Isabella will be no small project. With over 900 homes, 27 miles of streets, and a lake/river in the middle lots of work will need to be done to ensure that the end project is one that our community can take pride in.

In other news, the Village has a new e-mail address (

Finally, the Village, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Central Michigan District Health Department, and Rowe Inc. spent this week conducting soil tests in the five plats with restrictions to on-site well and septic systems. In total 134 test holes were dug in these five plats. Work will begin next week in logging the data to produce a report on the findings. That report will also likely include a recommendation on the restrictions in these five plats. Once the report is finalized, look for a press release and a copy of the report on our website.

Thank you again to everyone who allowed us to test on their property. The project ran very smoothly and we feel that a significant first step has been taken on this issue.