Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lost & Found Lab/Mix

FYI, if you are missing a young male black lab/mix in the area of Fairway Drive, he was taken to the Isabella County Animal Shelter today. For more information on the animal please visit our website at the following link...

Friday, August 8, 2008

In the event of a tie...

With the Primary Election done, and the General Election ahead, ever wonder what happens in the event of a tie? While every vote counts, in some races a sinlge vote makes all the difference. This week's primary vote ended in ties in two races across the state. According the AP, here is what happened...

The voters spoke, but in the end, the results of two Michigan elections came down to fate.
Timothy Parker was elected a Sterling Heights precinct delegate Friday after a county official drew a slip of paper reading "elected" on his behalf.

Parker tied Mark Valente Jr. at 16 votes apiece in the primary on Tuesday.

Macomb County Clerk Carmella Sabaugh previously flipped a coin to decide who would draw first.

Earlier Friday morning, Melonie Arbogast won the Democratic nomination for Blue Lake Township treasurer by drawing the lucky slip of paper.

She and her opponent, Deborah Therrian, tied at 87 votes each in Tuesday's primary.

Therrian filed for a recount immediate after the drawing was conducted by the Muskegon County clerk's office.

Yes folks, this is the bon-a-fide truth. In 2008 elections in the State of Michigan that end in a tie are settled by two slips of paper... one saying "elected," the "not elected."

Codified and on-line

All three of the ordinances adopted at the July meeting have been codified and are now on-line on our website. Next week the Village will be updating our zoning application to reflect the zoning changes adopted in July.

Don't forget that at the August meeting the Council will be conducting a public hearing on the proposed ordinance to allow single parcel special assessment districts. This ordinances comes after discussion on what measure the Village can take to recover costs in correcting nuisance problems that parcels owners refuse to correct. By and large, this deals with the issue of lawns that haven't been mowed. In the month of July, the Village issued 17 correction notices for long weeds and grass. Most get corrected in a timely manner, but some do not.

Speaking of ordinances, this one is too good not to share. The City of Denver has adopted a new ordinance in advance of the Democratic National Convention... The story from the Rocky Mountain News is as follows:

Poo and pee dominated a public hearing Monday on a new law that prohibits people from carrying certain items if they intend to use them for nefarious purposes. The law, crafted in advance of the Democratic National Convention, was adopted unanimously by the City Council.

But not before a hearing laced with comedy and profanity.

Representatives from some of the groups planning large-scale protests during the DNC this month said the ordinance was unnecessary and accused city officials of fear mongering.
"The intent of this ordinance is to try to smear protesters and make them look as if they are somehow criminal or somehow going to engage in some kind of gross conduct," said Glenn Spagnuolo, an organizer with the Re- create 68 Alliance.

The ordinance makes it illegal to carry certain items, such as chains, padlocks, carabiners and other locking devices. It also prohibits the possession of noxious substances. Two of the most frequently used examples of a noxious substance are a bucket of urine and a "feces bomb."

Friday, August 1, 2008

FYI... Lock Your Car Doors

Last night the village saw a handfull of vehicles broken into across the Village. As such, we recommend that you park inside if possible. If you can't park inside, at least lock your doors and park in a well illuminated area.