Monday, June 30, 2008

Natural Gas Project Update Press Release

The Village of Lake Isabella would like to provide a brief update on the status of the proposed DTE/MichCon natural gas project. In early June, representatives of DTE/MichCon did a door-to-door literature drop to nearly 600 homes in the village that they are considering for natural gas service. Since this initial contact by DTE/MichCon, four informational meetings were held at the Village Hall, and a proposed Franchise Agreement with the Village has been proposed to the Village Council. All of these documents, including a proposed service area map, can be found on the Village’s website.

In order for the project to move forward, two hurdles must be met. First, the Village of Lake Isabella must take formal action on the proposed Franchise Agreement. The agreement has a public hearing scheduled for the July 15th regular Village Council meeting. After the public hearing, the Village Council can take action on the proposed agreement that same night. This same agreement was recently approved by Broomfield Township.

The other hurdle is yet to be met is the number of residents signing up for the project. DTE/MichCon needs at least 50% of the homes in the proposed service area to agree to service before they will begin constructing the service lines. The proposed service area of nearly 600 homes has seen about 90 of the 600 home owners already signup. This roughly 30% of the total number needed for the project to begin.

In order for the project to be completed by the start of this heating season, DTE/MichCon will need to reach the 50% mark by July 30th. DTE/MichCon has recently mailed out a letter to everyone in the proposed service area regarding the status of the project. Since the mailing, an additional 50 home owners have signed up, but the goal is still far from being met. If you are in the proposed project area and need more information for your consideration, please call the Village Hall for additional DTE/MichCon contact information.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Your Photos are Wanted!

The Village is looking for your best photos of the community. We recently added to our office a flatscreen message board with a rolling powerpoint of news and pictures of the community. We need your help to make it reflect the true beauty of the community. Please consider submitting your favorite pictures to the Village Hall. Proper credit will be given for all submissions!


2008 Summer Tax bills were mailed today. If you have any questions please call the office or your township assessor.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Final DTE Meeting Tonight!

Tonight is the last of the four scheduled informational meetings with DTE for the natural gas project. The meeting will be at 7PM at the Village Hall. Information about the project can be found on our homepage.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Committee Openings

The Village is accepeting applications for appointment to the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeal, TSI Committee, and Airport Board.

Applications can be obtained at the Village Hall, or on our website.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Free to a Good Home...

Free to a good home... or a bad home for that matter, wood chips! As you might have read in the Morning Sun yesteday a large load of wood chips was illegally dumped at the intersection of Baseline and School Roads. If you need some wood chips please help yourself.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


We are back. In recent wave of thunderstorms that has pounded across the region, our office was hit by lightning. Last Thursday, as the first wave of bad weather arrived, a bright flash and a loud boom was felt around noon at the Village Hall. Within seconds the Internet had died. After the weather passed, we contacted ISP Management only to find that there was not an outage in the area.

Servicemen from ISP arrived on Friday, only as the second wave of storms appeared, forcing them to come back on Monday afternoon. Upon their inspection, they found that indeed the Internet antenna on our roof had been hit. The surge traveled down the power line and also knocked out our power supply for the antenna.

Thankfully last year when we built the new building, we spent the extra $200 and installed a system wide surge suppressor on the main breaker-box. As such, nothing else in the building even blinked.

Since our last post, three items of note have developed.

First, last Friday staff form DTE Energy/MichCon walked the streets of northern Lake Isabella and did a literature drop. The lit-drop covered their proposed natural gas project for the north and northwestern sections of Lake Isabella. More information on the project, including a map of the proposed service area can be viewed at our homepage (

Second, the Zoning Board of Appeals held their regular monthly meeting on Monday night. At the meeting 2 cases were heard. The Board denied a request by a home owner on El Camino Grande to keep a 64' HD antenna that was built in late April without zoning approval. The Board then granted a front yard variance for lot in Lake Isabella North at the end of Cantabrian Drive. Minutes of the meeting are posted on our website.

Finally, the Planning Commission held their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday. At the meeting the Commission recommended to the Village Council adoption of a comprehensive zoning code update. The draft, which is also posted on our website on the "ordinance page," will be introduced this month with a public hearing in July.

Next week is the regular monthly meeting of the Village Council. The agenda for the meeting has been posted on our website. With one exception the drafts of all 4 ordinances scheduled for introduction at this month's meeting are available on our website. The last draft will be posted on Friday.

Don't forget that our summer fireworks are coming on July 5th! Donations are still being accepted and are needed! For more information please visit our office or website.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thank You

I want to give a special thank you to the observant resident who saved the American flag at the Village office. On Monday morning we arrived to find a plastic Meijer bag tied to the flag pole. Inside was none other than the flag. The rope had snapped sometime during the weekend causing the flag to fall to the ground.

Thank you again!

Our newsletter goes to the printer on Friday, with any luck, they should have it in the mail by the following Friday.

Next week has 2 meetings and 3 public hearings scheduled for the Village. On Monday, the Zoning Board of Appeals meets at 5PM, and will hold 2 public hearings for variance requests. On Tuesday, the Planning Commission meets and will be holding a public hearing on the proposed update to the zoning code. This is actually the second time the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on this ordinance draft. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office.
The Isabella County Road Commission should be done with their work on Coldwater Road by the end of this week. The ICRC has contracted a treatment known as "chip-seal" be done on Coldwater Road from M-20 north to School Road. According to the online reference site wikipedia... "Chip-seal is a pavement surface treatment. In the US, chip seals are typically used on rural roads carrying lower traffic volumes. In Australia and New Zealand, chipsealing is referred to as a "sprayed seal" and is used on a larger percentage of roads, both rural and urban. It is cheaper, but not as long lasting, than resurfacing an asphalt concrete or a Portland Cement Concrete pavement. It can keep good pavement in good condition by sealing out water, but provides no structural strength and will only repair minor cracks. While the small stones used as surface yield a relatively even surface without the edges of patches, it also results in a very rough surface that leads to significantly louder rolling noises of automobile wheels."

Oh, and in case you went to bed early, the Wings won the Cup tonight!!!